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This song is for all my fellow MM Warriors out there. I hope it brings you strength. I also hope you and your family continue to hang in there, and a cure will be found for MM in the future. For everyone else, please support anyone you know with this disease along with myeloma and cancer organizations that are battling it in any way you can.

Ed Hartman

The music is available for licensing.
Ed Hartman (BMI)
Olympic Marimba Records (BMI)


MM Blues (Multiple Myeloma Blues)
Ed Hartman
(C) 2022 Ed Hartman, (P) Olympic Marimba Records

Verse 1:
I went to my doc one day,
feeling a little blue.
My hemorrhoids were acting up
and a checkup was about due.
There was some rib pain
my shoulder were shot
My knee was giving out
and my temperature was hot.
The doc did some blood tests
and said there was a fuss.
And before you know it
I was diagnosed with MGUS.

Verse 2:
I didn’t know what it meant,
although I had the answer.
One look at my computer
told me this was a form of cancer.
I had an MRI, a PET,
and something really scary.
A bone biopsy on my back
really was quite hairy.
The time was near and his voice was clear.
This was the moment, that I knew was near.
I got the Multiple Myeloma

Verse 3:
I got standard treatment,
and it hasn’t been bad.
The drugs are crazy
and neuropathy feels like sand.
I got a Hickman catheter
with tubes in my chest.
It’s a weird little thing
That’s always getting dressed.
The chemo is wild,
and the shots are a pain.
The steroids get me moving
but constipation drives me insane.

Verse 4:
Well, I’m going to the clinic.
There gonna harvest stem cells.
Killer chemo is on the way
and I know it will be hell.
Once the transplant is done
it’ll take time to be immune.
I’ll be out of the basement,
And see the world soon.
We’re called warriors for short, I guess that kind of fits
We’re battling to live, remission is our bit.
I got the Multiple Myeloma

Verse 5:
Now don’t get me wrong,
I’ve still got hope.
New therapies are coming
I know I can cope.
The fatigue is real,
and the drugs are intense.
You can lose taste or smell,
and mess up your sense.
There’s lesions on your bones, and they won’t go away.
Your feet will get numb, And steroids will make you pay.
I got the Multiple Myeloma
It’s like every damn disease, except I don’t have a clue.
Well, there ain’t no cure, and I hope I’m not screwed
I got the Multiple Myeloma