The Filmmaker (Biopic Feature Film)

"The Filmmaker" is based on the true story of Richard H. Lyford*, who, as a young man in the 1930s, learned how to make spectacular movies and bring a little Hollywood to the Pacific Northwest. (*future director of an Academy Award-winning film)

Ed Hartman is a writer, composer, and producer. He is the owner of the Richard Lyford film estate and has been working on Lyford projects since 2017. “As the Earth Turns” is a 1938 film by Lyford, that Hartman scored and produced. It has 136 awards and nominations to date. The film is in distribution and has been featured on Turner Classic Movies. Ed also created a short documentary, “It Gets in Your Blood” which has 128 Festival Selections, and 113 Awards/Nominations.

Writers Statement:

"The story of Richard Lyford is one of true inspiration. He wrote 58 screen/stageplays and created 9 films. Lyford then went on to work for Disney and directed an Academy Award-winning film. As the owner of the Lyford film estate, I have access to the surviving early films and stories. They are available to be used in The Filmmaker and create a true and exciting account of early indie filmmaking outside of Hollywood."  - Ed Hartman

Status:  Screenplay, Pitch.



Ed Hartman, 8th Sense Productions, LLC


"As the Earth Turns" (Award-winning film by Richard Lyford)

"It Gets in Your Blood" (Award-winning Richard Lyford Documentary)

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8th Sense Productions, LLC