It Gets In Your Blood ★★★★★ 

By Adrian Perez 


   Film historians and cinephiles will devour Ed Hartman's historical documentary It Gets In Your Blood, which chronologically takes us through some of Academy Award-winning documentarist Richard Lyford's key career beats and contributions to mainstream filmmaking as we know it today. Hartman is a titan of a solo documentarist himself, self-sufficient and triumphant in directing and editing an elegant and paceful account, accompanied by his soothing vocal narration, which makes Lyford's cinema pop and the whole documentarian piece cohesive and easy to follow. Hartman owns Lyford's film estate and brings forth his groundbreaking cinema to modern audiences with utmost care and sophistication. From chronology to cross-examination, Hartman imposes the question as to what would have happened if Walt Disney hadn't taken Lyford under his wing? Lyford was an innovative and award-winning metteur-en-scène renowned for his miniature sets and narratorial and stylistic imprint; would a career deviation allowed him the space and time to groom into a more widely-known transcendent auteur such as Orson Welles? Provocative, captivating, and irresistible—a must-watch documentary this film festival season.