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“It Gets in Your Blood”

128 Festivals, 113 Awards/Nominations!

52 Weeks Film Festival Best US Documentary
Action on Film Festival Megafest Finalist
Aasha International Film Festival Award Winner
American Filmatic Arts Awards Best Historical Short Documentary
ARFF International/Barcelona Honorable Mention
Australia Film Festival Honorable Mention
Austin Arthouse International Festival (Best US Short Doc - Nominee)
Baliwood Bali - World Independent Short Film Awards (WISFA) Finalist
Beach Cities Inspirational Film Festival Finaiist
Beyond Earth Film Festival  
Big Sur Film Festival Awards Best Documentary
Black Panther International Short Film Festival Nominee
BLASTOFF Film Festival  
Blow-Up Filmfest Semi-Finalist
The Burbank International Film Festival  
Calcutta International Cult Film Festival Outstanding Achievement Award/Documentary
Canada Shorts Film Festival Award of Distinction
Caorle Film Festival  
Chambal Film Festival Best Documentary Film (Short)
Chicago Indie Film Awards  
China Film Festival  
CKF International Film Festival Best Short Film of the Month
Crown Wood International Film Festival Best Documentary Short Film
Cult Critic Movie Awards

Award Winner: Documentary

Jean Lic Godard Awards (Nominee)

Cult Movies International Film Festival Best Documentary Short Film
Depth of Field International Film Festival

Exceptional Merit (Documentary)

Excellence (Editing)

DIFFS - Discovery Int Fest of Film  Story  
Docs Without Borders Film Festival Exceptional Merit
Dubai Independent Film Festival Finalist
East Europe International Film Festival Best Short Documentary
Europe Independent Movie Festival  
Fantasy Film Festival Nominee
Festival Angaelica  
Filmhaus Berlin

Best Short Documentary (Nominee)

Best Scriptwriting for Documentary (Nominee)

Film Festival Senior Movie  
Film Today Best Short Documentary
Florence Film Awards Honorable Mention - Short Documentary
Friday Harbor Film Festival  

Gig Harbor Film Festival


Global Film Festival Awards Best Documentary
Golden Bridge İstanbul Short Film Festival  
HeroesLive FIlm Festival  
Hibulb Cultural Film Festival

Documentary (Runner Up)

Documentary Short (Runner Up)

Best Song (Runner Up)

Directing (Runner Up)


Hodu International Film Festival

Best Short Documentary (Nominee)

Best Scriptwriting for Documentary or Podcast (Nominee)

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival Best Documentary
Hollywood Dreams 4th/5th Annual International FF Finalist
Hollywood First-Time Filmmaker Showcase  
Hollywood Gold Awards Gold Award - Short Documentary
Hollywood International Golden Age Festival Finalist
Hollywood Horrorfest Finalist
Hong Kong Indie Film Festival Semi-Finalist
Horror Bowl Movie Awards Best Documentary
Horrors4You Film Festival  
Iconic Images Film Festival  
Impact DOCS Awards

Award of Merit: Documentary Short

Award of Merit: Research)

Independent Shorts Awards

Best Editing (Honorable Mention)

Best Documentary Short  (Honorable Mention)

India Film Festival Honorable Mention
Indian International Short Film Festival Cinemascope Awards Honorable Mention
Indie Short Fest

Best Documentary Short (Nomination)

Best Producer (Nomination)

Best Original Score (Nomination)

IndieX Film Fest Award Nominee
Karukrit International Film Festival Special Mention
Kurdistan International Independent Film Festival  
Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Festival  
London Independent Film Awards Best Short Documentary
Lonely Wolf London International Film Festival

Best Short Documentary (Nominee)

Best Voiceover Narration or Performance (Nominee)

London International Monthly Film Festival Honorable Mention
London Lift-0ff Film Festival  
London Shorts Film Festival Nomination
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards Best Short Documentary
Madrid Film Awards Semi-Finaiist
Markham International Film Festival  
Medusa Film Festival Best Short Film
Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival  
Mile High International Film Festival Best US Documentary Short - Award
Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque

Best Documentary Short - Platinum

Best Editing - Platinum

Best Narrator - Platinum

Mindfield Film Festival Los Angeles

Best Short Documentary

Best Editing

Naples Movie Awards Best Short Documentary
New Age Cinemas & Scripts Best Documentary Short
New Creators Film Awards 2021 Best Documentary Short
New Wave Short Film Festival Best Short Documentary
New York Lift-Off Film Festival  
New York Tri-State International Film Festival Best Documentary Short
North London Documentary Festival  
Oniros Film Awards Semi-Finalist
Only the Best International Film Festival  
Onyko Films Awards Finalist
Open Window International Film Challenge  
Pacific Beach International Film Festival  
Paris International Short Festival Finalist
Rajasthan International Film Festival Blood Special Jury Award for Best International Documentary Film
Red Dragon Creative Awards Best Docu Short of the Fest
Reel East Texas Film Festival

Best Director

Best Documentary

Rocky Mountain International Film Festival Semi-Finalist
Roma Short Film Festival Finalist
Rome Independent Prisma Awards Semi-Finalist
Rome Movie Awards  
Royal Wolf Film Awards

Best Documentary Short

Best Director Documentary Short

Best Narrator

Best Producer

Best Editing

St Andrews Film Festival  
San Diego Movie Awards Best Documentary Short (Honorable Mention)
San Francisco Indie Short Festival Nominee
Seattle Film Summit Semi-Finalist
Serbest International Film Festival  
Silicon Beach Film Festival  
Snohomish Film Festival

Best Picture (Nominee)

Best Documentary (Nominee)

South America Awards Best Editing Documentary
Stockholm Short Festival Semi-Finalist
Swedish International Film Festival Finalist
Sydney Indie Short Festival Semi-Finalist
Sydney Lift-Off Film Festival  
The Most Important Films International Film Festival  
Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge  
Tokyo International Short Film Festival Finalist
Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival  
UK Film Review Festival  
United States Film Festival Best U.S. Short
Uruvatti International Film Festival Best Documentary Short (Special Jury Prize)
Vancouver Independent Film Festival Semi-Finaiist
Vegas Cinefest Semi-Finaiist
Venice Shorts of California Finalist
Virgin Spring Cinefest

Best Director - Gold Award

Best Editing - Silver Award

Best Producer - Outstanding Achievement Award

Best Music Score - Silver Award

Vonline Film Fest  
West Sound Film Festival  
White Unicorn International Film Festival Award-Winner: Documentary
  1. WRPN Short, Tight and Loose International Film Festival
Excellence Award (Tight Shorts)
X World Short Film Festival Nominee: Best Documentary Short
Yellowstone International Film Festival  
Zed Fest Film Festival Semi-Finaiist

It Gets in Your Blood

Recent Audience Comments

I'm sorry to say I've never heard of this filmmaker. And I wish I had. What an amazing life! You have now inspired me to learn more about him and his films.

This documentary is simple, gets right to the point, and is well written. I also appreciate the amount of footage you were able to show of Richard's films. Although I am grateful you were able to find an interview with Richard's son, I would have loved to see another interview as well. Perhaps with a friend or crew member.

Thank you for creating this documentary and sharing it with the world! Super interesting!

A true "lost legend"! Someone who unbeknownst to the majority impacted film in major ways as a pioneer and was ahead of his time without question! And his work, especially that which made a difference in National security and on the global stage, and even helped save lives, really shows how this medium can make a difference and has power! This is a great example of what filmmakers should aspire to be!

Great documentary with lots of footage both still and motion to back up the story. You even had interviews from key people. Very well done and I personally learned a lot about someone I had never heard of. Great work!

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