Interviews and Press for "As the Earth Turns"

Press for "As the Earth Turns"


Articles and Interviews about "As the Earth Turns":

The Matt & Matt TCM Challenge 4-21-22 (Warning: spoilers!)

Edmonds man's movie on TCM Halloween night (Brian Soergel) 10-29-21

A 20-year-old made a movie in Seattle in the 1930s. This week, it finally makes its TV debut (Carla Sinclair) 10-26-21

 A 20-year-old made a movie in Seattle in the 1930s. This week, it finally makes its TV debut (Seattle Times by Moira Macdonald) 10-26-21

Extra Features Interviews: Ed Hartman about his work on " As The Earth Turns." 10-15-21

Major Front Page Story!  Silent no more: Edmonds composer Ed Hartman scores music for long-lost film (Edmonds Beacon) 4-30-21

Around the Reel Podcast Interview with Ed Hartman about the film, Richard Lyford and life! 2-9-21

PTP (Podcast) Interview with Ed Hartman about the film and backstory.  1-21-21

 Stage32 Blog - The complete backstory of the film, and how it came to be after 80 years! 12-24-20

Million Monkey Theater 10-15-20 (Warning: Many spoilers (please watch the film first), with a lot of humorous commentary!)

Q&A with Ed Hartman and Michael Laskow (CEO of TAXI.COM) 9-21-20

Q&A with Ed Hartman (Musicians for Musicians) 8-27-20

"As the Earth Turns" Review and Q&A (by 8-26-20

Cinema After Corona: With Music Composer Edmund Hartman (by Sherif Awad) 8-9-20


83 Year Old Festival Favorite AS THE EARTH TURNS Now Streaming on Amazon Prime ( 8-7-20

Composer/Producer Ed Hartman Talks about "As the Earth Turns" 8-23-20

Bedford Falls Film Festival Interview with Ed Hartman 5-29-20

Ep. 56: Hitchcock's Phantom Lady • 1930s Silent Sci-Fi Home Movie • Summer Reading Challenge 6-1-20 Interview with Ed Hartman about "As the Earth Turns" 8-1-20

King-5 Interview with Ed Hartman about "As the Earth Turns" 1-23-19

Action on Film Megafest Article 5-1-20

Interview with Ed Hartman, and author Heather Lee Begley, by Cameron Kit Robinson 7-4-19

Seattle Channel:  Seattle International Film Festival (Red Carpet -1 minute interview at 19:00) 5-20-19

Film Wonk Podcast Episode # 150 SIFF Roundup ' Alice', ' Pigeon Kings', ' Fight Fam', ' As The Earth Turns' 5-24-19

Film Fax Article about "As the Earth Turns" (Oct 2019 Film Fax #43)

Reviews for "As the Earth Turns"


Debuting with the catchphrase "80 years in the making, "As The Earth Turns" has been beautifully restored, turning it into a film masterpiece! I often got lost forgetting this film was originally from 1938. It looks so crisp and clean. All behind the restoring this old film deserves accolades and accolades they have earned. The film has been entered into 122 festivals to date and won over 134 awards and nominations combined.  

Being bombarded with modern movies today and with CGI and special effects, As the Earth Turns is a step back in time. An oldie but goodie As The Earth Turns still rocks it out of the park with excellent entertainment value. I loved this film! It shows that special effects don't make a film; it's the storytelling. Lyford (who wrote the piece as well.) was inspired by "The Man Who Rocked the Earth" by Arthur Train and Robert Williams Wood (1915) to tell his apocalyptic war tale.

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AS THE EARTH TURNS (1938)  10-30-21 

by Mark Cole 

Look, I’m not sure I believe it either. 

But everything I can find says that this is, in fact, a lost Independent short film from 1938, a silent film made almost a decade into the sound era. 

The story is that Richard Lyford was an independent playwright and screenwriter who made nine award-winning Independent films before moving into a career in Film (where he would win awards for one of the documentaries he made for Disney).  He shot these films on a tiny budget, on his own equipment, and one suspects that this one is silent simply to cut the expense.  These films were never released but gathered an enthusiastic following from their showings in his fifty-seat basement theater. 

Move forward almost Eighty years, and Ed Hartman inherited a treasure trove of film materials from Lyford’s estate, include this film.  He restored and reassembled it, then composed the very appropriate sounding score himself. 

It’s been compared to the original Republic Dick Tracy serial (1937), which seems apt, as both films feature a villain who flies about in his own super aircraft, although the basic plot is a little like that of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

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