Composer:  Ed Hartman is an award-winning composer, who has scored music for film, T.V., radio, and even a planetarium. (see credits below) He has been involved with the film and music communities in the Pacific Northwest for decades. He creates music drawn from many styles, genres, and cultures. Ed is at home with classical orchestral music, along with electronic, jazz, and world music.

Performance:  Ed Hartman has recorded and performed with numerous bands, orchestras, and dance and theatre companies including: Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel, Tickle Tune Typhoon, and Ellipsis. In the Northwest, he has become a top freelance percussionist and recording artist. As a soloist, Ed has performed at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in NYC. His own bands The Olympic Marimba Band (World) and Northwest Passage (Jazz) perform music from around the world.  Ed also performs as a solo one-man band at concerts, fairs, festivals, schools, colleges, and events of all kinds.

Education/Teaching: Originally from Evanston, Illinois (near Chicago), Ed started his music career studying with Fred Silver (jazz drummer), and Al Skinner (mallet performer - a student of Claire Musser).  He was also influenced by percussion instructors from nearby Northwestern University, Dan Spaulding and Randy Hogancamp.  One other exceptional compositional influence was Don Owens (jazz band, contemporary music ensemble, and electronic music instructor).   Ed received his degree in percussion from Indiana University, studying with Richard Johnson

Ed Hartman has written articles, sheet music and books about music for Olympic Publications. His albums "The River", "Northwest Passage", "Wood and Metal Music", and "Marimbells of Christmas" have received national critical acclaim.


YAMAHA Performing Artist and Clinician








“Serious Composer and Performer!” (1980s)






Media Credits: (click on links)

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Ed's Music has appeared on these Motion Pictures:

Motion Picture Full Scoring:







  • "The Scalpel" 2020 Film fragment by Richard Lyford - 8th Sense Productions, LLC
  • "Ritual of the Dead" 2020 Film fragment by Richard Lyford - 8th Sense Productions, LLC
  • "DACA - The Story of Dreamers"  2020 Documentary by Eduardo Freitas
  • "Pause"  2020 Short comedy - Loose Cannon Media
  • "Into the Known" 2020 Entry in the Roger Corman First and Last Pandemic Film Festival -  8th Sense Productions, LLC
  • "Saving District" 2019 Drama about school shootings - Global Millennium Pictures
  • "Tesser" 2019 Award-Winning 48hr Short - Tura Productions
  • "As the Earth Turns"  2018 Independent Feature with Award-Winning Score - 8th Sense Productions, LLC
  • "S.H.A.M. Therapy" 2018 (TV Show, Episodic score)
  • "The Lost Wallet"  2018 Independent Film (Short) 
  • "The Son, The Father"  2017 Independent Film (Short) - LA Hollyshorts Premiere
  • "A Rich Man" 2015 Independent Film (Short)
  • "Those in Need" 2014 Independent Film (Short)
  • "Trauma" 2013 STIFF 48 Hour Film (Audience Favorite) (Short)
  • "Article 106" 2013 Independent Film (Short)
  • "The Three Stars" 2013 Seattle International Film Festival Fly Film (Short)
  • "Circumcision" 2013 Independent Film (Short)
  • "Winston"  2012 Independent Film (Short)
  • "Little Peter Needs to Fly" 2011 Seattle International Film Festival Fly Film (Short)
  • "Cloistered Librarians in Training" - 2011 Trailer spoof (Short)
  • "Library of the Sacred Beast" - 2011 Trailer spoof (Short)
  • "The Map Makers:  "Project Colombia"(2009 Documentary)
  • "End Zone" (2008)" - 2008 Seattle International Film Festival Fly Film (Short)
  • "Grey Linings (2008)" (Partial score) - 2008 "Seattle Spirit Award" Seattle International Film Festival (Short)
  • "Fitz"- 2007 AlbertaFilm and Television Awards Nominee: Best Feature Film (Feature) 

Television - Ed's Music has appeared on:

  • ABC: "Revenge"
  • ABC Family:  "Greek"
  • ANIMAL PLANET: " Bad Dog", "Insane Pools: Off the Deep End, For the Birds"
  • BBC: “The Getaway Car”
  • BPM:TV (Canada) "Grand Benders"
  • BR Bayerisches (Germany): "Unter unserem Himmel" (Under our skies) 
  • BRAVO: “Real Housewives of Miami”, “Real Housewives of New York City”, The Bradshaw Bunch", "Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Club"
  • CBS: "Lets Make a Deal", "The Young and the Restless", "Twilight Zone", "Buddy Games
  • CW:  "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend", "Legacies"
  • DISCOVERY: "Auction Kings", "Ultimate Homes", "New Girls on the Block", "Wild Frank in Mexico", "Weird, True, and Freaky"
  • E!: , "We Got Love Teyana & Iman"
  • FOOD":  "Chopped", "Chopped Junior"
  • FOX: "Lucifer", "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
  • GREEN:   "Emeril Green"
  • HBO:  "Twas the Night", "Katie Morgan", "Big Love", "Generation"
  • HMTV: (India 24hr News Network): Ongoing Station ID
  • HULU: "Castle Rock"
  • INDEPENDENT: "America Now"
  • MSNBC:  "Doc-Block"
  • MTV:  "Pranked", "Scarred", "Real World Road Challenge", "All I Want for Christmas", “Exposed”, "The Dudesons"
  • NBC:  “Grand Crew," “Rise,” "Passions"
  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC:  "Food School", "Eat - The Story of Food"
  • NETFLIX:  "Stranger Things"
  • NICKELODEON - NICKTOONS - TEENNICK:  "Group Chat with Annie and Jayden"
  • NINE Network (Australia):  Big Brother 12
  • OXYGEN: "Art or Not", "The Art of"
  • OVATION: "Bad Girls Club"
  • OWN: "Michael Sam Documentary"
  • PBS: "Nature", "Gourmet Adventures with Ruth", "Sit and Be Fit", "Nature", "History Detectives", "A Taste of History"
  • PLATFORM:  "Minutes" (Corey Comes to Christmas")
  • SCIENCE: "Cicadas and Invaders 2013"
  • SYFY:  "Naked Vegas", "Killjoys", "RIP Files"
  • SKY VISION:  "A Users Guide to Cheating Death", "A Users Guide to the Planet Earth"
  • TBS:  "Rhodes to the Top
  • TLC:  "Shalom In The Home", "High Stakes Sweepers", "Toddlers and Tiaras", "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"
  • TNT:  "Patriot" (Russia)
  • TRAVEL:  "Channel 5 Takes Latin", "Samantha Brown: Passport to Great Weekends", "Relic Hunter", "Extreme Towns", "Forbes Luxe 11", "When Vacations Attack", "Tricked Out Trains"
  • TV4:  “Marko and Irma”, "Half Past Seven At My Place"
  • USA Network:  "Motive"
  • VH1:  "Leve it to Stevie"
  • VOYAGE (France):  "Fous de recettes", "Chef et Intrepide", "24 heures: danger", "Combat de chefs de Jamie Oliver", "Amazing Spaces", "Serial Tourist", "À table avec Ishaï"
  • WE NETWORK:  "Amazing Wedding Cakes", “20/20”
  • ZoomerTV:  "User Guide to Cheating Death" 

Games/Apps/Platforms - Ed's Music has been licensed by:

  • Fit TV
  • Tiktok
  • Youtube
  • Neptoons Net
  • The Rainbow Fish Game 

Corporate - Ed's Music has been licensed by:

  •  Animoto
  •  Apache Corporation
  •  Avex Marketing
  •  Barnes and Noble
  •  BPS Marketing, Inc.
  •  Bayou Classic
  •  Bravo Films
  •  Capital One
  •  Coke Zero
  •  Comitetul Central Studio
  •  DDB Health
  •  Divine Robot Ltd.
  •  DoodleDo Global (Glow Ball Toy)
  •  Family Dollar
  •  Filmdog Media
  •  Freakonomics Radio
  •  Greenpeace
  •  Hyperion/Disney Book Group
  •  IdNerd Studio Ltd.
  •  Kobalt
  •  Lavinia Productions S. L.C.
  •  Modem Media, 3CIM Inc.
  •  North American Breweries
  •  News International Trading Ltd
  •  Parragon Books, Ltd.
  •  P3 Mediaworks
  •  ProQuest Information and Learning
  •  Red Bull Media House
  •  Scholastic Book Fairs
  •  Smithsonian
  •  Sports Illustrated - Time, Inc.
  •  Tarinatalo OY, Storyhouse LTD.
  •  TigerHot International
  •  Trailer Park
  •  WNYC 

Commercial scoring:

  • KMYQ-2 (FOX television affiliate, Seattle, WA) 2008 Emmy Nominated Commercial
  • Lightyear Productions (for Tacoma Grand Cinema) 


Ed Hartman has recorded and performed with numerous bands, orchestras, dance and theatre co’s including:



In the Northwest, Ed is a top freelance percussionist and recording artist. As a soloist, Ed has performed at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in NYC.  Ed performs music from around the world. Ed performs as a solo one-man-band, and with his bands, at concerts, fairs, festivals, schools, colleges and events of all kinds.

Live Performance:

Recordings: (Olympic Marimba Records)











Publications/Sheet Music:

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Ed Hartman

Ed Hartman, Soundtrack: The Blind Side. Ed Hartman scores percussive, orchestral, jazz, pop, rock, Latin, world and electronic music. Ed's music has been heard on television (HBO, NBC, ABC, CBS, MTV, Discovery, Green, TLC, WE, Travel, Women, Animal Planet, MSNBC) and in feature films, shorts commercials, documentaries and even a planetarium.