“As the Earth Turns” is NOW available on DVD and Bluray! This will be a PERFECT movie to play on Halloween, that very few people have ever seen.  Ask me about the film and how it came to be. (I am doing virtual and in-person presentations, too)

Get your collectable copy now!

This has truly been an amazing journey.  Three years of scoring, producing, researching, learning about filmmaking, editing, festivals, distribution, and another persons life and dreams.  Huge thanks to my co-producer, Kim Lyford Bishop for helping make all of this possible.  

“As the Earth Turns” is a tremendous film for anyone that loves silent film, indies (especially filmmakers), Pacific NW film, sci-fi, and the ability of what a 20-year old was able to create in Seattle, in the 1930s with very little resources (and went on to Hollywood and direct an Academy-Award winning documentary).


"One of the most exciting discoveries in the archival offerings of Seattle International Film Festival...This is a festival must-see for fans of classic film. It’s a marvelous discovery."
Seattle International Film Festival


"Had Steven Spielberg been a 16-millimeter camera-toting teen in the 1930s, his home movies might have looked like “As the Earth Turns.”
Michael Rechtshaffen, LA Times


“The musical score...beautifully complements the film and simultaneously sounds modern and retro”



Included: (Over 85 minutes of content)

• “As the Earth Turns” 45 - min 1938 never-released silent sci-fi film by Richard Lyford  (new score by Ed Hartman)

• Introduction by Ed Hartman

• Theatrical Trailer

• Missing Footage from “As the Earth Turns”

• Scene from “Ritual of the Dead” (new score)

• Scene from “The Scalpel” (new score)

• “It Gets in Your Blood” (Richard Lyford documentary)”

• “Depression Flats” (Richard Lyford home movie)

• “Let’s All Go to the Kitchen” (Intermission film by Ed Hartman) 

Movie INFO:

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NEW Holiday Album!

You can never have enough holiday music!

This is simply a crazy variety of holiday tracks I've done from over the last few years. What can I say, it's 2020, and all bets are off.  Track list with album purchase - come on, man, just buy the whole thing and put it on your stereo. Have a party! There's really nothing else to do, right?

Only available through this website!  Support the artist directly.  NO MIDDLE-MAN.  100% goes to the artist!

TRACKLIST (Tracks available separately)

Beethovens Ninth Samba
Return of the Wooden Soldiers
Greensleeves (Piano)
Angels We Have Heard On High (organ)
Jingle Bell Jazz
Silent Night (Piano, Strings)
Candy Cane Waltz
Jingle Bell Dreams
Oh Dear Joy
Jingle Bell Ruff
Silent African Night
I Got Nowhere to Go, in a Hurry Blues
Jingle Mallets (No Ruff!) (Bonus track with album download!)

Ed Hartman

Ed Hartman, Soundtrack: The Blind Side. Ed Hartman scores percussive, orchestral, jazz, pop, rock, Latin, world and electronic music. Ed's music has been heard on television (HBO, NBC, ABC, CBS, MTV, Discovery, Green, TLC, WE, Travel, Women, Animal Planet, MSNBC) and in feature films, shorts commercials, documentaries and even a planetarium.