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Anyone going stir crazy? Here's something that might help you dance in your space wondering what kind of bizarre Twilight Zone we are now in? I just released this classic blues-style original track, in a hurry! It took a global pandemic to get me to sing and play blues-harp again! If you like it, and REALLY want to help the artist (that would be me), buy the damn mp3 for a buck! I would appreciate it VERY MUCH. (You can be a cheapskate and listen on Spotify eventually. I will make: $0.00437! It only will take me 336,842 plays to earn minimum wage. Let that sit in.) Enough guilt. Play the song!

ROCK-ON-RADIO (Interview with Ed Hartman about "I Got Nowhere to Go, In a Hurry Blues, Film-scoring, and music licensing (about 43 min in)