KAPOW International Film Festival Podcast Interview with Ed Hartman

A great podcast from KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival about "As the Earth Turns" (Ed Hartman is co-producer and composer)  
Thanks, Maria Humphreys and Curt Clendenin! 

Interview with Ed Hartman:  


Complete Podcast:


Strong Body Strong Soul

For 80 years the 16mm movie reels have been hiding. Why hasn't Richard Lyford's work been shown before now? What did they do with his body? Hauntings in the Seattle area? Synchronicities with future events? Join Inspirado and me for a fascinating conversation with Ed Hartman as we unravel some of the mysteries behind this film masterpiece. Ed Hartman has scored many films in the past but this one, in particular, is compelling him to take it beyond initial expectations. The film has already won countless awards across the globe and was recently featured in the Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival in North Hollywood, California. It is a silent film with lots of communication - Ed Hartman's music is astounding. For more information about the project visit www.Astheearthturns.com and Edhartmanmusic.com The podcasts STRONG BODY STRONG SOUL and INSPIRADO PROJECTO can be found on most audio platforms. Please COMMENT, LIKE AND SHARE. Subscribe for future fascinating videos


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