Adventures in Music Licensing August 2020

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Ed Hartman's 

Adventures in Music Licensing & Scoring! 

August 2020 Vol. 8, No. 8 


* * We're in the "sweet spot" of summer: 70s and clear in Seattle!  I hope it's not to hot wherever you are. Stay safe and wear a mask (see below for my own designs!) 
Mixing board and piano masks! 
* Big article of mine in Stage32 on  Licensing VS. Scoring - see link below. 

*  Welcome new readers!  Please feel free to email questions about music licensing (and scoring).  I will answer you by email, and add your questions (anon.) in the next newsletter. (see below)  If you have an idea for an article, please feel free to let me know. 

*Latest interview. This is a program with a variety of performances and discussion by excellent songwriters and composers. I was honored to participate! 
(My segments are at about 25min 50min, and 2hr into the program.) 

*  II'm considering doing some FB LIVE Video discussions.  What do you think?  Watch my FB Page for details. 

* I would very much appreciate any testimonials you have about the class or individual sessions. This feedback helps with promoting future classes. Please email me (see below). 

ONLINE Music Licensing Classes available:  (Please share) 
General Information: 
Classes taught on Zoom (free app) via private invite.  I can share tracks, videos, documents, chat, etc., all while I teach.  It's actually pretty cool and easy to use (download for phone, tablet, or desktop - best).   I'll send you an invite. I will email an invoice (Paypal) before the class starts.  Payment by credit card is possible, but you will need to call.  Classes may have minimums.  I would bill you until I have reached the minimum amount of students.  Note: If you are interested, and these times do not work, please let me know.   I may adjust the times if there is interest. 

One-on-One session:   $70/hr; $120 2 hrs. (Email to schedule)  
(ZOOM-best, FB Messenger, Skype, Phone) 
Prerequisite: None. Beginners or experienced composers, songwriters & producers welcome. 
Email to register. 
This is an extremely targeted and efficient class that can focus on tracks, metadata, organization, marketing, PROs, copyright, libraries, royalties, etc.   You can send tracks to me for review, and get ideas on improving your licensing game. 

Making Money Licensing Your Music - the original beginner's class! 
* The next licensing class, will be ONLINE will be Saturday, October 3, 2020. ($65 for 3hrs, Saturday 9am to noon PDT Pacific Time-US.) 



I Got Nowhere to Go, In a Hurry Blues 


Anyone going stir crazy? Here's something that might help you dance in your space wondering what kind of bizarre Twilight Zone we are now in? I just released this classic blues-style original track, in a hurry! It took a global pandemic to get me to sing and play blues-harp again!  

 (Support this newsletter - Buy the damn track for a buck! Thanks!) 

NEW Radio Interview with Ed about "I Got Nowhere to Go, in a Hurry Blues" and film-scoring!  
(43 MIN IN) 

*  "As the Earth Turns" Update:  

* I did a nice 2-hour panel discussion/performance with other composers and songwriters.  It was more of a showcase. Good songwriters and and performers!  I did show a few of my placements in film and TV. 
Link: (My segments are at about 25min 50min, and 2hr into the program.) 

*  "As the Earth Turns" Update:  
New review! (Caution: Spoilers) 
New interview: (Pretty comprehensive) 
more  reviews and interviews on: 

*  The film should be starting to appear on Turner Classic Movies starting next month (Sept 2020)!  More details as they become available.  I am so very happy to announce the film I produced and composed, "As the Earth Turns" is now on AMAZON (free for Prime), Google, and Youtube Movies!  After 80 years, this amazing SCI-FI film can is now available for the entire World to see!  Please watch and review the film.   It's 45 minutes, has my score (it's silent.  Music IS the dialogue! Please use good speakers or headphones)  The film is in rentals now (costs a few bucks) 
If I received a review from everyone on this list, (good, bad, whatever!), the film would have an amazing boost and be set up for a great run on TV.  You really will have a treat watching it.  It's a 1938 up-to-now-unreleased film!  I own the LLC that owns the film-estate!  It is so wild, that folks have questioned whether it's for real!  They think its either a film that I simply added music to, or re-created it.  I wish I could make a film this authentic!  I would be Spielberg.  Speaking of him, here's the LA Times review! (We did an Oscar-qualifying run, in LA last fall.  I kid you not. 
Had Steven Spielberg been a 16-millimeter camera-toting teen in the 1930s, his home movies might have looked like “As the Earth Turns.” 
Michael Rechtshaffen, LA Times 

Amazon Prime: 
Google Play: 
Youtube Movies: 

Please use good speakers or headphones for the film.  The music IS the dialogue! 

This film was directed by Richard Lyford when he was 20 years old, living in Seattle, Washington.  He went on to work for Disney, and direct an Academy-Award winning documentary in 1950. 
The film is great for ALL-ages, and is a wonderful way to show younger viewers the artistry and power of "silent films".  There is no strong language in the film, and it is comparable to 1930s Flash Gordon serials.  It's the length of a TV show, and very entertaining to watch!  It has a nice twist and a surprisingly emotional finish.  

121 festivals, 135 awards/nominations 
(including 34 for best score!) 

"Had Steven Spielberg been a 16-millimeter camera-toting teen in the 1930s, his home movies might have looked like “As the Earth Turns.” 
Michael Rechtshaffen, LA Times 



Here's a private video (4min) about the film and how the project came to be: 
(I am working on a Biopic about the director) 

I am still busy with the film, and looking for opportunities to show it (Retirement communities, Schools with film programs (HS, College), Film history clubs, NW History Groups, Theatres, Activity centers, etc.).  If you know anyone that might be interested helping make that happen, please let me know.  Thanks! 

"As the Earth Turns" will be on Turner Classic Movies in the Fall of 2020!  Other distribution is now in the works!  If you see the film somewhere, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! 

You can get the original poster (& mugs, t-shirts, etc.) here: 
PS:  I am considering a limited run of the poster (signed, with all the laurels) friends and fans of the film.  If you are interested, please let me know. 
Upcoming confirmed screenings of "As the Earth Turns": 
Beach Cities Inspirational Film Festival, (Moved to April 25, 2021, San Clemente, CA (Time TBA).   "As the Earth Turns" won the "Crystal Wave Award" (Outstanding Recognition) in 2019. 
121 festivals!, 134 awards/nominations, including 34 for best score!  
Speculative Film Fest - Move to 2021!  TBA, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport (SWOC - Seattle Westercon Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention). 
(Click poster for full size) 

My soundtrack album is available! (Amazon, Itunes, etc.) 
Nominee:  Independent Music Awards! 

Recent adventures in licensing:  

Recent requests: 
*  I talked about an extremely fast 2hr pitch last month.  No response yet.  Here's the track.  A bit of a "Booker T" vibe.  It's now another track for my library, in any event! 
"Baby Funk" 

* This was another a pretty quick turn-around track (24hrs), "Street Dance" for a publisher for a commercial. 
Track:  "Street Dance".  Funky with a little drumline!  If anything comes of the pitch, I will report. 

*  Songtradr and Taxi continue to have some good pitches.  I just went after a Drumline pitch on TAXI - a rare exclusive.  We'll see if they bite.   This company offers an EXCLUSIVE, 50/50 deal with a 2-year reversion. If they do not acquire at least $1,000 in sync revenue from your tracks within the term, you can get your rights back.- That's why I did it.  I also went after a Middle Eastern percussion pitch. 

* Pennies from Heaven Dept: 
Audiosparx continues to pay a few bucks here and there. Streaming is pennies and a few dollars.   There are folks that do well with Radiosparx (overhead music licensing).  I stay away (other conflicts with Youtube, perpetual non-excl. contracts, etc.)  I haven't uploaded new tracks, but old ones occasionally pay.  (You get 40% - pretty low, though) 
There was a small license paid for this track: 
Funeral March of a Marionette 
Track to be used in an animated Holloween Projection decoration. 

* One of my favorite libraries (very hard to get tracks into) accepted this track.  The music was actually composed in the 80s, but I never got it well recorded. 

* If you are wondering about my HUGE Twilight Zone Placement: 
Track:  "The Spring is in Your Step" (1950s Muzak!) 
It's about 7 1/2 min in S2 E10.  Great episode, too!  Original characters from the 1960s series.  Hit:  "It's a cookbook!" 


New Videos and Music: (Please share!) 
(Videos are a great way to promote your tracks, too) 

For the ages, especially this one.   This video is resonating more and more as we all get asked to do things that are not always comfortable. 
Them music is an older electronic track of mine. I added an interesting narration, that is in the spirit of "Desiderata" a famous poem by Max Ehrmann. ("Go placidly amid the noise and the haste...") 

"Into the Known" (2020 Pandemic Film) 
This is my first "narrative" film (with a story).  It was done for the Roger Corman Pandemic Film Festival! The rules were it had to be shot with an LG Android Phone in and around your house.  It's in the "Twilight Zone" genre.  It was a tremendous education in cinematography, acting, editing, lighting (had to only use existing lights), sound design, scoring, etc.  It took about 8-10 hours, in total. 

"The Great Pandemic of 2020!" 
A vintage newsreel/PSA. WASH YOUR HANDS! 

"Let's All Go to the Kitchen" 
This video is for anyone that is watching movies and shows at home. It's a little original intermission feature I just created for a film festival, that you can play in-between features! It's a take-off on the classic drive-in shorts to get you to the refreshment stand! It's my gift for your home-theatre experience! Get out the popcorn! 

New track (actually the piece is from 1985!  This event is inspired me to revisit older tracks) 

From the Darkness Comes the Light - A song of hope.  
Matching Mask (see below for my SWAG link!) 

Recent Adventures and Thoughts about Scoring and Producing: 

Recent Article of mine about Licensing VS. Scoring! 

*  Lots of interviews about scoring, licensing and filmmaking: 

Tales from the Tech-Side: 

I recommend that you bus your reverb to a AUX channel.  It keeps the CPU down, and allows you to control all of the reverb together (rather than on each channel).  My go-to LOGIC guru is Doug Zangar.  He runs SLUG (Seattle Logic Users Group on FB).  He's your phone-a-friend, and can take-over your computer (in a good way!), and solve all of your problems.  Have him help set up a nice template for you!  Doug has been an incredible help for many years.   

Articles from Readers! 
Please email me if you would like to submit something for this newsletter.  It can be about anything in music licensing and scoring.  I would love to hear about your personal adventures with music libraries, PROs, music supervisors, directors, etc.  You are already an authority on something.  Just dig in and share.  Thanks! 

"Know Your Genres:" 


Aggrotech is a sub-genre of harsh electronic music that fuses elements of Electronic Body Music, industrial, Noize, Trance and/or Techno styles of music. Some of the features of aggrotech include screamed or distorted vocals, aggressive or militant lyrics, and a fast, danceable beat. It is a derivative form of Electro Industrial with a strong influence from the Hardstyle and Hard Trance music scene. 

Aggrotech was also the name of a San Francisco club from the early 1990s, where DJs played industrial noise. There were various installations at "aggrotech" events that were created to encourage the people creating abstract art and computer generated artwork which, at the time, was beyond the budget of most underground music fans. 

This club was one of the blueprints for many "Gothic-Industrial" nights to come, where the focus on dancing and music was shared with art galleries and physical performances. The club only lasted about a year, after which the owners of the now defunct club put out an aggrotech magazine for a few months in 1991. The magazine featured reporting on some of the early bands influenced by Industrial sounds, but no one involved ever referred to the music itself as "aggrotech", aside from the name of the club, it has very little to do with the sound that became dubbed as aggrotech. 

Aggrotech regularly consists of harsh song structures, aggressive beats, and explicit, pessimistic, often militant lyrics. Typically the vocals are distorted and pitch-shifted to sound harsh, and synthetic. 

Questions from the Audience... 
(Please email me. I will try to answer quickly. Any questions I use in future newsletters will always be anon.) 

What kind of contact information should I put in the Metadata on my track? 
I use Soundstudio and Metadatics for adding meta (Itunes will work, but it tends to add extra meta) 
Under comments I put this: 
PRO/Contact INFO: 
PRO Info: 
Artist: CAE/IPI #:  
Publisher: CAE/IPI #: 

Is it all about the money, or can you create art, too? 
What's amazing about what I do these days, is write music I really like, and it can be an incredible challenge to create.  It can absolutely be very artistic as well.  Some of it makes money and will continue to pay the bills for decades (royalties).  Bach had a Church gig.  Beethoven did commissions.  Most artists that make a living at this work for clubs, corporations, record companies, distributors, etc.  Some of it isn't pretty, or very lucrative.  What I can say, though, is that every kind of music is used in media.  Watch TV and films.  Your music may not have the "sexiest" placement.  It could be coming out of a radio in a car, or be overhead in a cafe scene.  The credit is the same, though.  Credits get you the leverage to do bigger and better things.  If music is your career, then you have to figure out a way to make a living with it.  Service income is always limited to the time you perform the service.  Recordings, and products you create, make "passive" income.  You don't have to repeat the same task over and over again.  In fact, the time I gain getting paid for things I've already done gives me more time to be creative. 
Put your logos on your website!! 

Do I need to study composition, in order to be a composer? 
All education is helpful.  Knowing music theory, acoustics, electronic synthesis, recording, business, communications, etc. are all important to be successful.  For me, I received a degree in percussion performance in college. I did compose while I was there. I wrote two recital pieces. The first one was heavily cut from 20 min to 7 mon, by a well-known composer on my jury (even though the jury was supposed to be only for the performance side). The senior recital piece was left alone (one of the professors was on sabbatical!) I did a lot of electronic music in HS and college (pre-digital, although there was some very experimental work using punch cards, a business computer, huge magnetic tape, and a homemade analog to digital device. There were no terminals! The synth was literally the first Moog. It was the size of a room. 
When I graduated I created a composer's concert series that had a wide variety of composers involved from students to university professors and pros. It eventually featured an orchestra and premiered music by some well-known composers. It kept me busy putting my own music on it and hearing everyone else's. 
In the end, I have had instruction on everything except composition. Keyboard skills are very important for me, including improvisation. I had access to a harpsichord for a while and that taught me counterpoint. (No sustain!) 
There are so many categories of information that are necessary, including orchestration, conducting, acoustics, recording, sound design, music editing, marketing, business skills, communications, organization, etc. There's always something new to learn. Bach's quote can apply to composing. It's all in front of you. "It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself." 

Scoring Questions: 
Is horror easier to compose for, rather than other genres (comedy, romance) 
It can be challenging. I've done a number of horror scores. Horror seems to be a go-to genre for Indies and newer filmmakers. Once you watch the film 1000 times it does get easier. The suspense that leads up to the horror may be the key to a score. Nowadays horror scores may be more sound design. That can take a slightly different skill set. You may have to beef up your SFX. For me, getting a horror score beyond ambient textures and into moving rhythmic and orchestral elements is where great original scores can happen. In the end, it's a gig! Gotta do it. I can lead to something even better. 

Video of the month: 

Enrique Morricone (RIP) 


2 Hour Composing Challenge! 

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"The Overlooked Art of Equalizing Reverb": 

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Sync Academy (Music Licensing Education) 

How to Get More Placements: 

Do You Need a Sync-Agent? 

Free plug-ins: 

Good books on songwriting for TV and film by Dean Krippahaene: 
Demystifying the Genre 
Demystifying The Cue 

Syncsummit - FREE daily chats about music licensing, music supervisors, etc.! 

Syncsummit Music Supervisor Listening Sessions are now 50% off, and ONLINE! 

Meet Music Supervisors in person! ($$) 

TAXI Daily Quarantine Happy-Hour! 


CDBaby DIY Convention ("Plague Permitting") 



New track - The Heartland (originally done for a film) 
Piano lead: 
Vibes lead: 

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I've created a number of original drum, mallet and percussion designs.  Check em out! If you get one, please email me a pic!   

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Joke/Quote of the month: (Very timely) 

"Life is a lot like jazz, it’s best when you improvise." 
George Gershwin 


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