Ed Hartman's Adventures in Music Licensing April 2019 Vol. 7, No. 4

Ed Hartman's

Adventures in Music Licensing

 April 2019 Vol. 7, No. 4



* Happy April! I hope the sun is out, and it’s warming up out there!

* UPDATE “As the Earth Turns”:  I will be heading to the Myrtle Beach Film Festival(http://www.myrtlebeachfilmfestival.com/) to support the film as composer and co-producer.  The film will show on Tues April 23, 2019 in the 4pm film block, opening day of the festival!  If there are any filmmakers, composers or interested folks in the area, please contact me!  Thanks, and see you there!
Also! There is a strong possibility I will go to the screening in NYC at the American Asian Latino Film Festival, May 20, 2019 at 5:35pm, at the Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street NYC (https://www.aalfilmfestival.com/).  There may actually be a 2nd festival that weekend, too!  I will update my website.  The film is now in 64 film festivals(and counting), won 68 awards/nominations including 18 for best score! See poster below. I will have some very exciting announcements soon about NW premieres of the film. List of festivals and awards: 
http://edhartmanmusic.com/news/update:__festival_and_winners_list_as_the_earth_turns/ Trailer: https://youtu.be/QZ4IMJfnmLw

* Welcome new readers! Please email any questions about licensing. I am always happy to respond (and it will go into the next newsletter) Look deep into this newsletter. There are some real gems of info here.

* I continue to meet individually with folks that have taken my licensing class, along with newbies. The info is continually changing (as you can tell from this newsletter!) You are welcome to schedule a time to meet. I prefer to meet in Edmonds, in my studio. We can take a listen and analyze at your music for licensing potential. I have time most days, including weekends. Phone and Skype are available for those people not in the Pacific NW.

* The next licensing class is this Sat, May 11, 2019. (https://www.campusce.net/nscc/Course/Course.aspx?c=2117) Please share this with any musicians, bands, songwriters or composers you know in the Pacific Northwest. If you live outside of the Pacific NW, I am going to take my class on the road. Please email me, if you have any connections with music schools in your area. I can offer a combination morning Licensing Workshop, and afternoon Percussion Clinic!

* I would very much appreciate any testimonials you have about the class. This feedback helps with promoting future classes. Please email me (see below).


Recent adventures in licensing: 

* New placement!  Crucial Music, a really excellent library, placed “Football Funk”  (http://edhartmanmusic.com/sports_soundtracks/s/football_funk) in an indie film, "The Turkey Bowl" (connected thru TAXI centuries ago).  This track continues to amaze.  It's been in “The Blind Side”, “Scooby Doo, the Mystery Begins”, Capital One Ad, ESPN Radio promotion, and more!  I did it on my old Tascam 8 track digital, with a few Roland keyboards, my huge drumset (drumline), and cheap mics!  The library also just took an arrangement of “Anchors Aweigh” (https://www.songtradr.com/user/song/ed-hartman/anchors-aweigh).  That pitch started as a direct request from another client, and then it appeared on other pitching portals.  Nothing came of it, but as usual, the track will inevitably find a home through a library.  KEEP WRITING!

* Songtradr pays off!  An older vocal track of mine, “Of Days Gone By” (https://www.songtradr.com/user/song/dina-blade/of-days-gone-by - vocals by the great NW Jazz singer Dina Blade) got placed in an app!  The app features music therapy for folks with pain.  Wow.  The license wasn’t very much, but paid for a few years of ST!

* "Honey, Your Royalties are in" (Frank Zappa) Dept:
BMI Day in March!  Solid consistent payments.  Always great to get that 2nd 2019 payment so fast!
Very nice $$ from Real Housewives of NY.  
Blind Side (2009) still rocks ("Football Funk" https://www.songtradr.com/user/song/ed-hartman/football-funk)
Another Crucial placement, "In Love With You" (http://edhartmanmusic.com/latin_world/s/in_love_with_you_combo): for “The Pirates of Somalia” a film with Al Pacino is starting to pick-up steam on cable!
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (from a few years ago) is still going strong.
Cold Light of Day (Henry Cavill, pre-Superman) paying well after 7 years!
New Shows:  
Eat-The Story of Food
Food School
Users Guide to Cheating Death

Tales from the Tech-Side:

*  Hard Drive Hell  I’m working on a lot of video these days.  I have hard drives all over.  Just keep track of them all is beginning to create some challenges.  Best advice:  Get the biggest drives you can afford (4TB+).  Running out of space is no fun.  It can get pretty confusing moving files between drives.  Good luck!
Running out of space on your main drive:
Clean My Mac does a great job. I had similar problems. Totally in control of space now. Email is a big space hog.


Questions from the Audience: (please email!)

Should I copyright my music?

I generally only copyright music that is being released to the public (CD, digital release), not library music.  You certainly can do it for everything, and it is always advised.  You can put a collection together of many single tracks.  It’s not too hard to do ($35-$55) 

I did copyright my filmscore (as a bundled work, like a CD). TIPS: good videos out there on the online process (see link below). SAVE YOUR WORK AS YOU GO!!   I did register tracks independently with my PRO. Tracks might be used separately. Before I did it, I created a cue sheet for the film: I did it myself, and had my producer send it in. You can get templates online.

"What is the easiest style/instrument for you to compose?"
Piano solo for me too. I'm a good improviser, especially baroque and classical. Percussion is my original instrument, so I play it acoustically most of the time. It can be easy, but I have to get it right, and editing is harder than midi.

Good luck!!!

Keep the questions & comments coming, and I will answer as best as possible. (I may use them in my newsletters, anonymously)


Copyright Video (step-by-step): 

More about copyright:

How PRO's Collect & Pay Song Royalties to Songwriters

Making Money with Your Recordings Through Music Libraries

The Perils of Overproduction

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