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The Battle of Brick and Mortar with Online

This is worth a few minutes to read:

Today, we shall read from the United States of Corporate America Scriptures...

Chapter X.XV.MMXV:
On the 14th day of October, 2015, a mom with three kids walked into a local drum store to look at percussion equipment. Her children were well behaved, and it looked like a normal day for the store. The kids were checking out the equipment, and the local store owner inquired if he could help them.
She said, “No, we’re just looking.” After some chit-chat about the overall lack of customers in brick and mortar retail, the mom confessed to working for a firm that works with Forture 500 companies to do online, like a mini Amazon.
Taken aback, the owner caught his breath, and asked, “So, why are you here?” Of course, they were just looking. The owner showed one of the children how to play maracas.
He said to the mom, “You can’t do that online, teach someone how to play an instrument.” She came back with, “Youtube”.
The owner said, “Yes, but there is no physical touch, no close connection with the student.”
The mom said, “Actually you can do it over the internet”. I could go on…
What is startling here, is that the mom, was like Jeff Bezos walking in our store! She really had no clue the purpose of human contact, communication, jobs, taxes, community, relationships, interconnection, etc. All she really understood was the future is set in stone, and humans are simply buyers to the corporate god. The kicker is one of the children is in town for a serious medical condition. You would think that there would be tremendous compassion in that mother. She has no doubt been to hell and back. Maybe that is what has lost the humanity in her. Finally, I said to her, “Well, should we just turn off the lights, and close the door.” I almost did close at that point.
The reason I post so much these days about this, is on any given day, we have plenty of customers, but a day or two can go by, and very few will come in. We begin to wonder, “Does anyone care?” Are stores obsolete? Will the internet kill everything?
Folks, the time is NOW, if you want to save any of the stores around you. I don’t mean next week, or next year. You have to educate your children. You have to teach folks around you that price is not everything. Somehow, we managed for hundreds and thousands of years without smart phones and computers. Yes, convenience is nice, but what about the humans around us? Do you want to have people around you to interact with? If you are a musician, you know this.
What do you think? Please share this, but more important, come in the store and support us. Support ALL brick and mortar around you. People like that mom are all over. The Matrix may be closer than you think! HELP SAVE OUR STORES!

Ed Hartman
The Drum Exchange