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Partita in D Minor (Click here for Sheet Music Info and PDF Link) - PDF file.

This piece, originally written in 1980 is an homage to the J. S. Bach D minor Partita.  It was the first major piece Ed created after college.  The piece is written for marimba, vibes or violin.  The piece won an honorable mention in the Percussive Arts Society Composition contest.

It is written in a classic Baroque form, in five movements: Allemande, Corrente, Sarabande, Gigue, and Chaconne. Some of the movements only require 2 mallets, while the other require four. Pedaling is left up to the performer.

This piece has been under another publisher, but is now exclusively available here!

Original Notes from the composer:


Ed Hartman performs the piece on vibraphone (1980):


Barbara Henry performs the piece on violin (1980):


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