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Spring 2016


Back from the ASCAP Expo 2016!  What a great event to meet other composers and songwriters.  I will be putting info I gathered in upcoming licensing newsletters.  Please sign up!

2016:  I will have a jazz track, "Rainfall", in a new film, "A Different Sun", courtesy of Indigi Music.  

Music Licensing Shindig FOLLOW-UP!


I would like to thank EVERYONE who participated and attended the:
Music Licensing Shindig!
(Film and TV Music Networking Event)
Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015, 7-10pm
Seattle Creative Arts Center, Ballard, Seattle, WA

It was a HUGE success!  There were tons of folks there, and everyone seemed to be very excited about the information presented.  

Thanks to:
Seattle Creative Arts Center
Seattle Composers Alliance
for co-sponsoring!

Special mention to Dean Krippaehne for a tremendous presentation about making tracks for licensing, and being on the panel! Also thanks to:  Seth Littlefield, Ken Morrison, and Travis Geer (Audiosocket Music Library) for participating on the panel Q & A. Of course, my trusty sidekick, Kelly Loch (Sound Design Specialist) was there helping with audio and video tech, and Doug Zangar helped out with some much needed cables and funny banter!

I hope this will inspire our composing and songwriting community to create a larger full-scale event in the coming year. I envision a day-long event with 100s of attendees, that has multiple workshops and panels on writing, arranging, tech, pitching, business, legal, etc. Representatives from the licensing industry (music supervisors, music libraries, lawyers, pitching companies, etc.) would be invited. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out. Please share this info with anyone you know who is interested in music licensing. Send them to edhartmanmusic.com to get on the mailing list!

Welcome to Edhartmanmusic.com!


I hope you enjoy this website, and all of the music on it. Please feel free to email me regarding questions about music, percussion, performances, teaching (I teach in Seattle, WA), etc.


I am always interested in writing music for film, television, and media of all kinds. If you have a project, please let me know and I will be happy to create samples for scenes.

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