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Ed's original commissioned score for "Jack Rabbit", was performed recently at"Seabreeze Amusement Park" in Rochester, New York.  The concept and choreography was by Cheryl Johnson (faculty, Hochstein School of Music and Dance).  "Jack Rabbit" is the oldest running roller coaster in the U.S.  Hear the score:  



New Placements:

"Into the Fire (AKA Dabka)" (BCDF Pictures) - New film featuring Al Pacino  


"Spirit of the Game" (Samuel Goldwyn)

"A Different Sun" (Monolith Pictures)

Lucifer (FOX) Quid Pro Ho

Season 2, Ep. 10  (15:40-16:43 "In Live With You")


"Motive" (CTV and ABC)

Calling the Shots  (2:15-2:56 "Drum Wars")


Music Licensing:

Do you have a home studio?  Do you have original music sitting around on tape, LP's, CD's or your computer?  Right now, you can be pitching your music to television shows, film, and media (web, phone, games, etc.) Every kind of instrumental and vocal music is in-demand.   You can make money and advance your career at the same time. This class will give you quick and easy information on all aspects of music licensing.

Upcoming instruction/classes:

Next Seattle Music Licensing Class:

Ed Hartman's Making Money Licensing Music -  North Seattle College, Saturday, Nov 4, 2017, 9AM-NOON (Registration link may not be active until Fall, 2017) Class taught through Continuing Education at North Seattle College (Northgate). Anyone is welcome. (You don't need to be a NSC student)

New interview about the class:



Ed Hartman is available to teach Music Licensing in Schools, Colleges, and Organizations around the NW and the US.  Please email for information.

NEW VIDEO about the class:

"I took the licensing class from Ed about 3 years ago and it was filled with enough information to keep me busy for the past 3 years!  Ed explained in easy to remember terms the different licensing options and how the music libraries work.  He also introduced me to TAXI which is a great way to be able to get your music out there.  I also had a hour consultation with Ed to fill in the blanks about how to get my songs registered with BMI/ASCAP, and Ed knew all the details.  I highly recommend going to Ed's classes and take the time for a one hour consultation for specific questions or guidance.  Thanks Ed!"  Chet

"I attended your class this past Saturday and wanted to express my thanks. it was very informative and well worth my time. I look forward to your newsletter and your book when it comes out.  Your work is a valuable resource to us artists and songwriters." Dion

"Thank you so much for the information, and for sharing your personal musical journey!  I really enjoyed the class, it was fun, and I look forward to participating in other learning/training opportunities you may offer." Tina

"Thank you so much for the wonderful class! You share such valuable information! And the time went so quickly!  I had a great time. So glad to have your emails and such...  It was fun hearing your experiences and your work!"  Angela

"Thank you for sharing your experience with us. You exceeded my expectations by detailing a clear path to break into the world of TV/Film placements."  Bob

"I took Ed's seminar last fall, and because of the information presented. I got a contract with a major music library."  Daniel

"Your class opened my eyes to a lot of options and opportunities I didn't realize were available or accessible.  My number one take away from your class was that I have to take my recordings seriously. All this time I was happy to leave that job to the pros who know what their doing. Now that I see I have all the tools necessary to do it my self I have no excuse but to start learning the recording aspect of it all."   Andrew

"Thank you for the very informative course. Gave me lots to think about."  Dan

"I just wanted to say thanks.  It was a very informational and inspirational class, and I really enjoyed it." Eric

"Thank you for a wonderful class this morning.  Great job!  You presented a ton of material and I was surprised at how the time flew.  I appreciated your receptivity to questions and the way the class continually flowed smoothly.  I was able to stay engaged with the material the entire time!  I am so glad that I came."   Elizabeth

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New Video Tour of Ed Hartman Percussion Studio and The Drum Exchange.  Ed Hartman is available for custom tracks on a wide variety of percussion instruments!

 "To the Stars" and "Space 2007" with current NASA footage:

Ed Playing Metal and Wood Tongue Drums:

 Ed Playing the Grill!

More Ed Hartman Videos (Instrument performances, instrument demos, etc.)


Ed Hartman's CD Releases:

Ed Hartman: The River
Ed Hartman: Wood and Metal Works
Ed Hartman: Marimbells of Christmas
Cheryl Johnson & Ed Hartman: The Lights of Christmas


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