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Ed Hartman is available for custom music scoring: Film (short, doc, feature), TV Show, and Web-Series, etc.  Please email details (style, genre, length of score, or tracks needed, instrumentation, budget, etc.).  Ed works very fast, efficiently, and within any budget.  Email. 

Need a specific individual track to license for a Film, TV Show, Ad, Website, Youtube, Podcast, Ad, Branding, etc.?  Email any details/brief (style, genre, length, hit-points, instrumentation, budget, etc.).  Ed also works with Stock and Boutique Music libraries.  Ask these libraries for Ed's tracks, or request a custom track from Ed.

Ed Hartman's New album (Coming to Spotify, Itunes, etc.)

Free Preview: 

Moving Images (Cinematic Piano Music) 

Recent Scores:

"S.H.A.M. Therapy" (2018)

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

(Episodic score by Ed Hartman). 

"You work fast....almost freakishly fast." (SHAM Prod. Company)


"The Lost Wallet" (2018)


(score by Ed Hartman)


"The Son, The Father"(2017)

continues to win

awards at major festivals.

(score by Ed Hartman)


Recent Placements:

"Rise" (NBC) Season One, Episode Four, "Victory Party" - "Football Funk"
"The Pirates of Somalia" (AKA Dabka)" (BCDF Pictures) - New film featuring Al Pacino  
"Spirit of the Game" (Samuel Goldwyn) 
"A Different Sun" (Monolith Pictures)

Mutliple tracks use: 

"Minutes" (Corey Comes to Christmas") - by Award winning Director, Jim Cummings


Lucifer (FOX) Quid Pro Ho  Season 2, Ep. 10  ("In Love With You")
"Motive" (CTV and ABC) Calling the Shots  (2:15-2:56 "Drum Wars")


Music Licensing: (See Calendar above for more info)

Ed Hartman's Making Money Licensing Music -  North Seattle College. 

Next class, October 20, 2018, 9am to Noon.  (Get on the mailing list for the monthly licensing newsletter and annoucements for future classes and events)

Class taught through Continuing Education at North Seattle College (Northgate). Anyone is welcome. (You don't need to be a NSC student)

Do you have a home studio?  Do you have original music sitting around on tape, LP's, CD's or your computer?  Right now, you can be pitching your music to television shows, film, and media (web, phone, games, etc.) Every kind of instrumental and vocal music is in-demand.   You can make money and advance your career at the same time. This class will give you quick and easy information on all aspects of music licensing.

If you do not want to wait for the next class, or live in the Pacific Northwest:  INDIVIDUAL IN-PERSON (Seattle) OR PHONE/SKYPE SESSIONS AVAILABLE.  Ed Hartman is available to teach Music Licensing in Schools, Colleges, and Organizations around the NW and the US. 

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